AlpineBits HotelData

AlpineBits HotelData is an interface specification for the exchange of tourism data developed with a special focus on, but not limited to, Alpine tourism and based on OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) 2015A.
The standard is released under the CC-BY-SA licence.

Since 2011, the Alliance has developed more than 10 releases of the HotelData standard, the latest of which is called “AlpineBits HotelData 2022-10“.

Data that can be exchanged through the standard includes: room availability, booking requests, reservations/cancellations, rates, images and licence metadata, descriptions and information on room and accommodation categories.

There are currently more than 125 known implementations using the AlpineBits HotelData standard.

In 2020, the standard enabled to manage a volume of requests or reservations exceeding 60 million Euros.
And just one member of the association exchanged more than 4.5 million messages in the same year.

Alpinebits HotelData latest release

AlpineBits HotelData 2022-10 is the current release of the standard.

It contains a zip file with the AlpineBits documentation, XML sample files, relax-ng schema files and XSD
schema files.

Alpinebits HotelData release cycle

The AlpineBits Alliance publishes a new AlpineBits HotelData release every two years. The next release will be published in 2024, the deadline for the discussion among the AlpineBits‘ members (additions, deletions and changes) is the end of 2022. Progress can be followed in the public git repositories. The upcoming AlpineBits HotelData release is built on top of AlpineBits HotelData 2022-10.

Timeline AlpineBits HotelData 2024-10

January 2023 proposals of new features by Members
February 2023 prioritisation of proposed features
March 2023 assessment of priorities and start of the discussion
November 2023 closing of the discussion
January 2024 drafting of the documentation as defined during the discussion (each Member tests both the client and the functionality server)
February 2024 revision and release candidate 1
June 2024 latest release candidate (implementation tested by Members
October 2024 implementations by Members & certification available for Members
Get involved

Explore our Git repositories, which house code and tools related to AlpineBits’ open specification. Follow the progress of the latest standard releases on our Git repository, with open discussions available for public review. However, only members of the AlpineBits Alliance are allowed to participate in the discussion.

Seamlessly test your applications with our suite of tools:

  • AlpineBits Schema Validator
  • AlpineBits Protocol Test Client
  • AlpineBits Protocol Test Server
  • AlpineBits RatePlan Test Application for AlpineBits 2017-10, 2018-10 and 2020-10