AlpineBits Certification: Validate your AlpineBits Implementation

Our certification program is designed to recognise implementers who have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of AlpineBits standards and their implementation. The AlpineBits certification process is rigorous and includes a comprehensive assessment. This will be a test to ensure a flawlessly bug-free implementation before your product reaches the market.

Benefits included with certification
Benefits included with certification Included
Direct contact with the AlpineBits Alliance development
Getting started call "Introduction to the implementation"
Consulting hours during the implementation and certification process
Pre-audit review of certification requirements to ensure a successful outcome
Certification price

Certification HotelData (Server & Client) Consultancy hours
(included in the fee)
Price for non-members Price for members
(discount approx. -20%)
Base (Organization, Protocol, Communication, Handshaking, Capabilities, Report) 3 € 700,00 € 550,00
GuestRequests (option) 1 € 600,00 € 500,00
Inventory (option) 2 € 850,00 € 650,00
FreeRooms (option) 2 € 600,00 € 400,00
RatePlans (option) 3 € 1.100,00 € 850,00
Activities (option) 1 € 350,00 € 300,00
BaseRates (option) 1 € 250,00 € 200,00
max. fee 13 € 4.450,00 € 3.450,00
Price excluding VAT

Certifiable versions

AlpineBits HotelData 2022-10
AlpineBits HotelData 2020-10
AlpineBits HotelData 2018-10

Certification procedure

The auditor will provide a checklist of requirements: this can be used by the company to perform a self-assessment of the AlpineBits implementation that will be certified.

After a successful check of all requirements, the checklist must be returned to the certificator and the audit will be scheduled.