AlpineBits HotelData Certification

The certification is actually available for following versions of the standard:

  • AlpineBits HotelData 2018-10
  • AlpineBits HotelData 2020-10
  • AlpineBits HotelData 2022-10

In order to get more information about the certification or to request to be certified please write to certification(at)


Certification process

Step 1: Implementation

Read the getting started guide and implement AlpineBits in your product.

For further help see the AlpineBits Forum on Google Groups.

Step 2: Request
The request must be sent to:
After receiving the request, a certificator will provide all the information (e.g. contract, guidelines, bank account for the certification payment, etc.) needed to schedule the certification.

N.B. Please note that the certification will be scheduled only after the contract has been signed by the company and the payment of the certification fee has been received.

Step 3: Selfcheck and schedule of the audit

The certificator will provide a checklist of requirements: this can be used by the company to perform a self assessment of the AlpineBits implementation that will be certified.
After a successful check of all requirements, the checklist must be returned to the certificator and the audit will be scheduled.

Step 4: Audit
The auditor will perform the audit in agreement with the company.
Depending on the type of implementation the audit might be performed either in person or remotely. The details will be agreed upon with the auditor.

If the auditor identifies some minor issues in the implementation, a list of corrective actions will be provided to the company. These must be implemented. Afterwards, a second and last review will be scheduled with the auditor, where only these will be tested again.

If the implementation is found by the auditor to be in compliance with the specification, the audit phase ends successfully.
If major flaws are found in the implementation, or if the minor issues cannot be solved, the audit phase ends with a negative outcome and the whole certification process must be repeated from phase 1.

Please note that the certification fees will not be reimboursed in any case.

Step 5: Certification and Report
Certified implementations are officially awarded by the AlpineBits Alliance. The list of certified implementations with details about the supported features and certified levels are published on this website.

The certified company will further receive a detailed report of the audit process.


Useful information

Useful documents to check before the start of the certification process are:


Certification levels and fees

Each certification level has a different fee that reflects the amount of work needed to properly audit the different functionalities.
The fee applies to the audit of a single implementation (either client or server).