About the AlpineBits Alliance

The AlpineBits Alliance is a group of 25 companies, associated with each other on a non-profit basis, operating mainly in the Alpine tourism sector. The Alliance collaborates in the development and promotion of Open Standards with the aim of innovating, opening up data exchange and optimising online presence, as well as sales and marketing efforts in the field of tourism. Each member contributes its own technical know-how and participates in the development of standards. The group benefits from widespread experience prevalently but not exclusively in the Alpine area and includes both national and international partners.

AlpineBits Alliance Members
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Join the AlpineBits Alliance to shape and define open standards, collaborate with experts and drive progress in the tourism industry. Here’s what you can expect as a member:

Contribute to open standards – As a member, you play a vital role in shaping AlpineBits standards. Your input will help define the benchmarks for innovation, data exchange and online optimisation in the tourism industry.

Collaborative development – Join with like-minded experts from national and international backgrounds to develop the open standards as you need.

Regular meetings – Enjoy exclusive access to Alliance events, including bi-annual meetings for all members and monthly developer meetings. Engage with fellow members and developers through regular meetings organised by the Alliance. These events serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, brainstorming, collaborative decision-making and provide valuable networking opportunities.

As an AlpineBits member, you become an integral part of a dynamic community dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in tourism. Join us today and be at the forefront of shaping the future of AlpineBits open standards.

Become a member

Explore a selection of resources detailing the AlpineBits Alliance and its activities. These documents provide insight into our structure, governance and protocols. Download them to gain a deeper understanding of AlpineBits and its mission:


Founding act DE & IT (.pdf)
Statut AlpineBits Alliance – DE (.pdf)
Statuto AlpineBits Alliance – IT (.pdf)
AlpineBits Alliance Statute – EN (.pdf)
AlpineBits Geschäftsordnung – DE (.pdf)
AlpineBits Regolamento – IT (.pdf)
AlpineBits Rules of Procedure – EN (.pdf)
AlpineBits Organization Structure – EN (.pdf)

Trademark and Logo

Trademark Policy
Logo details


SiMedia GmbH – represented by Reinhold Sieder, Chairman of the Committee
Yanovis GmbH – represented by Elmar Premstaller, Vice of the Committee
HGV – represented by Stefan Hohenegger
NOI Techpark – represented by Patrick Ohnewein, Cashier
Peer GmbH – represented by Christian Peer

Executive director

Emily Louise Simonis

Technical coordinator

Martin Rabanser

Roadmap calendar

In the AlpineBits Roadmap you can find the complete calendar of all the activities planned by the association. The AlpineBits Alliance organises regular meetings for all members (twice a year), developers (monthly) and board members (monthly). These events – unless otherwise indicated – are only accessible to members of the association.


AlpineBits Alliance
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E-Mail: info@alpinebits.org
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