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The Alliance pioneering Open Tourism Standards


Open Standards for tourism

The AlpineBits Alliance is a group of companies, associated with each other on a non-profit basis, initially operating mainly in the Alpine tourism sector and now pioneering Open Standards with applications far beyond the Alpine region. The Alliance collaborates in the development and promotion of Open Standards with the aim of innovating, opening up data exchange and optimising online presence, as well as sales and marketing efforts in the field of tourism.

The AlpineBits Alliance is currently working on the development of two standards: AlpineBits HotelData Standard and AlpineBits DestinationData Standard.

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Benefit for a Hotelier

  • FAST EXCHANGE – AlpineBits simplifies the hotelier’s workflow by allowing them to enter information once and transmit updates quickly
  • A CUSTOMISED SOLUTION – AlpineBits standards offer a tailor-made solution for hoteliers, based on the extensive experience of its members
  • COMPATIBILITY ENABLER – AlpineBits standards act as a gateway to compatibility, facilitating seamless integration
  • TRUSTED – Members representing hoteliers are actively involved in the development of AlpineBits, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness
  • ENHANCED VISIBILITY – AlpineBits standards provide a medium to showcase and enhance the visibility of your hotel’s data
  • RESOURCE-EFFICIENT – AlpineBits standards save resources and reduce errors by eliminating the need for hoteliers to enter data into multiple systems
  • ASSURANCE – AlpineBits standards provide the assurance of having data efficiently managed in the right way across multiple systems

Implement AlpineBits HoteData

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Benefit for the Commercial department of a software house

  • ROYALTY FREE – AlpineBits standards have no entry costs
  • A GATEWAY – AlpineBits acts as an enabler, opening the door to a world of accommodation facilities for your commercial department
  • PEER NETWORK – Join a network of peers and competitors through AlpineBits, fostering collaboration and business opportunities
  • INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – AlpineBits is a participated and shared development, representing a valuable investment for your commercial department
  • TRUSTED – Engage with confidence as members representing hoteliers are actively involved in the development of AlpineBits, ensuring trust and reliability
  • STREAMLINED DEVELOPMENT – AlpineBits standards reduce API development and maintenance time, increasing the efficiency of your commercial department

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Benefit for the technical department

  • MODULAR – AlpineBits standards are built on a modular structure, offering independent features that can be used as needed by your technical department
  • INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – AlpineBits is a one-time, participated and shared development, making it a valuable investment for your technical team
  • NETWORK OF TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW – AlpineBits forms an organised and structured network, providing your technical department with a wealth of shared expertise
  • PLANNED DEVELOPMENT – AlpineBits standards follow a planned development and release schedule, ensuring a systematic and efficient process for your technical team
  • A CERTIFIABLE DEVELOPMENT – AlpineBits certification guarantees the technical department’s capability to accurately implement AlpineBits standards, reducing potential implementation errors and ensuring reliable data exchange capabilities
  • EFFICIENCY IN IMPLEMENTATION – AlpineBits standards allow the development of fewer interfaces, resulting in less code and fewer potential issues for your technical department

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