AlpineBits HotelData

The AlpineBits Alliance decided to publish a new AlpineBits HotelData release every two years. The next release will be published in 2022, the deadline for the discussion among the AlpineBits‘ members (additions, removals and changes) is the end of 2021. Progress can be followed in the git repositories, open for public review. The upcoming AlpineBits HotelData release is built on top of AlpineBits HotelData 2020-10.

Contains a zip with the AlpineBits documentation, XML sample files, relax-ng schema files and XSD schema files.

Q&A for Developers

For older versions of AlpineBits quick getting started guidelines for developers that are implementing the AlpineBits interface are available below.

Get involved

Git Repository

Public Git repositories (documentation, reference implementations, code snippets and more)

Testing Applications

RatePlan Message Test Application & Message Validation Service


Forum / Mailinglist

General questions and discussions about AlpineBits for Developers (en/de/it)